Vision S7100HRT Suspension Elliptical – $2,599.00

Vision S7100HRT Suspension Elliptical – $2,599.00vision-s7100hrt-hero-3


  • Perfect Stride technology for a natural-feeling workout
  • 17 programs to keep workouts fresh and motivating
  • Easy-to-read console for easy monitoring
  • Adjustable incline and resistance for extra challenge
  • Trackless design minimizes noise and maintenance
  • Proven fat-burning technology with exclusive Sprint 8 programming
  • Compatible with Passport Media Player so you can walk or hike scenic routes around the globe


The S7100HRT Suspension Elliptical is a compact yet, innovative suspension trainer. Vary your intensity and speed to simulate walking and running or simply incline for a stadium stair climbing experience. The suspension pedal eliminates wheel tracks, resulting in quiet, low maintenance operation. The unique elliptical design with Perfect Stride® motion eliminates surges and dead spots so you move more smoothly, burn more calories and get better results.

  • Compact footprint
  • Durable construction


vision-s7100hrt-perfect-stride vision-s7100hrt-hero-2 vision-xf40-sprint-8