Used Diamondback 1150el Elliptical-$600.00

Used Diamondback 1150el Elliptical-$600.00
The Diamondback 1150 EL elliptical has been redesigned to include changes in both the mechanics and the electronics.
This cross trainer has a patented rear drive which gives the 1150 EL the longest stride of any elliptical trainer on the market – an amazing 21 inches.
This enables you to exercise your leg muscles much better than you ever could by jogging or running. Plus the low impact workout on the elliptical raises the heart rate to a level suitable
There are 20 levels of intensity and the fact that you can adjust them to suit your needs means that you exercise at a level that you are comfortable with
There are 8 preset functions and the machine is capable of accommodating larger weights.
This machine is perfect for people who have back problems or have arthritis because the low impact, fluid motions do not put any undue stress on the joints.