Used Nordictrack 360 Freemotion Home Gym-$500.00

Used Nordictrack 360 Freemotion Home Gym-$500.00
The NordicTrack 360 with FreeMotion technology features five different stations for a complete workout – a four-roll leg developer, standing squat station, vertical knee raise station, fold-away dip station and both high and low pulleys. This heavy-duty weight system has 150 pounds of cast iron resistance with a pop pin for quick adjustability, precision bearing pulleys for extra smooth operation and independent arms for complete versatility.

Used ProMaxima P-192 Bicep/Tricep Machine-$750.00

Used Full Commercial Pro-Maxima Dual Bicep/Tricep Selectorized Machine-$750.00
This piece would make a great addition to your home gym or studio.
Work both your Biceps/Triceps with one machine

Used PRX Profile Rack W/Kipping bar-$600.00

Used PRX Profile Rack W/Kipping bar-$600.00
Our patented wall-mounted folding Profile® Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™ is the most convenient space-saving rack to hit the market today. The addition of the 42″ PRx Kipping Bar to our standard Profile Squat Rack allows for kipping movements including bar muscle-ups and toes-to-bar. You can have the garage or home gym you’ve always wanted, but didn’t think you had the space.

Easily transform any garage, home, or small commercial space into a multi-functioning gym while sacrificing just 4″of wall space when not in use. All hardware for installation is included, which means no unexpected trips to the hardware store!

Made in the USA! (Fargo, actually)

Used ProMaxima P-132 Abdominal Crunch-$500.00

Used Full Commercial ProMaxima P-132 Abdominal Crunch-$500.00
Abdominal Curl With Range of Motion & Limiter 225 lb. Weight Stack

Refurbished Nautilus 2ST Prone Leg Curl-$900.00

Full commercial Refurbished Nautilus 2ST Leg Curl -$900.00
This machine has just been reupholstered and powder coated.
The 2ST™ Prone Leg Curl, with low profile design, provides correct machine axis location for the knee to ensure direct, rotary work without the joint stress common with other prone position designs.
Superior isolation of hamstrings
Angled pads reduce back stress during exercise movement
Quick-set leg pad adjusts for proper positioning for user of all sizes

Used TuffStuff Smith Machine half rack-$750.00

TuffStuff Smith Machine half rack. Half rack system with enclosed self-aligning linear bearing Smith press system with adjustable safety stoppers.

Used Nautilus Seated Low row Machine-$400.00

Nautilus Seated Low Row Full Commercial w/250lb weight stack-$400.00
Reach your potential with the Nautilus Seated Row Machine. Independent motion, making it perfect for a back workout. Its compact structure allows for more space in your home gym.

Used Standing Calf Raise-$400.00

Used Positive Resistance  Standing Calf Raise Machine-$400.00

Great piece for home use or add to your facility. Work those Calf for the new fresh snow and winter hikes here in Central Oregon.

Used TuffStuff Preacher Curl Bench-$300.00

Used TuffStuff Preacher Curl Bench-$300.00
Full commercial plate load TuffStuff Preacher curl bench. This would make a great add on piece to your home gym or training facility.

Pacific Fitness Zuma Home Gym-$600.00

Used Pacific Fitness Zuma Home Gym-$600.00
A fitness lover’s Pacific Fitness Zuma Home Gym. This gym offers over twenty-five different exercises. Examples of what this gym offers includes but is not limited to: a multi-directional press arm that adjusts to be used multiple ways such as straight forward, sightly arced, or a semi-circular, a 155 pound stack, upper pulley, mid pulley and lower pulley for a variety of exercises to sc