Used Weider Ultimate Body Works-$75.00

Used Weider Ultimate Body Works-$75.00
Adjustable incline bench on wheels with a pulley on each side Adjust the bench to a steeper incline to increase the amount of weight resistance
Resistance Bands: Provides the option to increase weight resistance up to 50-pounds with the addition of the four resistance bands
Cable & Pulley System allow for greater versatility and greater range of motion
Space Saver Design: The Weider Ultimate Body Works conveniently folds for easy storage

Used Nautilus Nitro Lat Pulldown-$500.00

Used Nautilus Nitro Lat Pulldown-$500.00
The Nautilus Nitro® Lat Pulldown features the latest “Smart Arm” technology to enhance your workout and give you the results you’re looking for. This is the perfect strength training system to improve your upper body workouts.
Rotating “Ergo Grip” handles for natural hand supination and pronation needs during movement
Dependent “Smart Arm” movement arms offer varying movement patterns

This item is in storage-Please call the store first to make an appointment to take a look at it.

Used Nautilus 2ST Leg Extention-$500.00

Used Nautilus 2ST Leg Extension-Full Commercial Selectorized Machine-$500.00
The 2ST Leg Extension design, with correct machine axis location and oversized movement-arm roller pad, offers optimal comfort and full-range, rotary movement without the stress-related symptoms common with other similar designs.

Nautilus Full Comercial Overhead Press-$500.00

Used Nautilus Full Commercial Overhead Press Machine-$500.00
The Nautilus Overhead Press provides full range of motion for increasing the strength of back and shoulder muscles. This health-club quality machine is perfect for your home gym…

Keiser Abdominal Machine -$1,000.00

Just in on consignment a Keiser  Abdominal Machine -$1,000
Abdominal Machine $1,000- Few machines can duplicate the movement and effectiveness of the innovative AIR250 Abdominal. What sets it apart is its ability to create an intense abdominal workout without involving the hip flexors employed by other abdominal machines on the market. A fully adjustable seat and comfortable chest pads help establish the correct position for the exercise, ensuring that target muscles are activated.
Compressor is Needed for this machine to work.  they sell from Keiser for about $1,000 new.

The Keiser 1021 Air Compressor is designed to work behind the scenes while operating from a remote location away from the exercise area. It has a quiet design and attractive housing, allowing non-conspicuous placement in the exercise area if desired.
Features an in-line dryer that supplies clean, dry air to the equipment for long life and durability.
Powers 1-8 Keiser units.
Technical Information:Keiser Weight Equipment
Dimensions: 26″ L x 15″ W x 16″ H
Weight: 80 lbs
Voltage: 115V 60HZ
The equipment must have a compressor to work.

Used Weider Crossbow Home Gym-$200.00

Used Weider Crossbow Home Gym-$200.00
Crossbow by Weider, Legend series. Over 65 exercises, including: Row, Chest Press, Butterfly, AB Crunch, Lat Pull-Down, Leg Press, and Leg Extension.

Used Full Commercial Smith Machine W/Counter Balance-$1,500.00

Just in a very nice Full Commercial Smith Machine W/Counter Balance-$1,500.00 Has new Cable, Bolts and Pulleys
The counterbalanced bar that is designed to help you move smoothly through each repetition with the added challenge of a weight bar. The Counter Balanced Smith Machine is the ultimate freestanding weight rack that is a popular, compact option for home gyms, hotels, fitness studios and schools.

Used Hoist 5970 Half-Rack-$500.00

Used Hoist 5970 Half-Rack-$500.00 Comes with safety attach $119.00 Value and 2 sets of Bar Clamps $80.00 Value included.
The 5970 Squat Rack from Hoist Fitness was precision built with superior materials and a functional, space-saving design. Both the racks and rack-out tiers feature polyurethane covers that protect the bar and machine and drastically reduce noise. Bar
storage has been moved to back of the rack in order to expand exercise and walking space. The modern, upgraded frame boasts oval tubing and the non-metallic foot covers help protect your floor.


Upgraded racks with polyurethane covers to eliminate noise and protect the bar and machine
Upgraded rack-out tiers with polyurethane covers to eliminate noise and protect the bar and machine
Bar storage has moved to the back to keep it out of the way of exercise/walking area
Upgraded modern frame with oval tubing
Non-metallic foot covers to protect

Used Full Commercial Calf Machine-$750.00

Used Full commercial Calf Machine-$750.00
Superior biomechanics in a space-efficient package. The
Plate Loaded line is the most space-efficient user friendly.
It accommodates users of almost any size and its superior design meets the
needs of advanced users, without intimidating others.

Full Commercial Incline Bench Press -$500.00

Full commercial Incline Bench Press (Generic No Brand) just $500.00. This was purchased by a local gym and they decided not to use them.  It is in like new condition and works just as it should, the only reason they didn’t use it is because their weight plates didn’t fit the storage posts.  After bringing it here ours fit so yours “should too”, call or stop by to inquire.  Thanks