Used Bodymaster Tri-Cep Press-$500.00

Used Bodymaster Tri-Cep Press-$500.00
This is a top quality Tricep Pressdown Machine! BodyMasters is a great brand for selectorized strength.
This machine has Bolt Holes to bolt bench to the floor.
The seat is adjustable to accommodate different user sizes.
It has a massive 270lb weight stack. You use a weight pin to select the amount of weight you want to work out with.
The arms are adjustable in length, which is a really hard feature to find.
It is commercial and extremely heavy duty! It weighs a lot because this thing is solid

Used Xmark 7620 Power Cage W/Dip Station & Pull up Bar-$650.00

Used Xmark 7620 Power Cage W/ Dip Station & Pull up Bar-$650.00 We have 3 of these in stock
As XMark’s top of the line power cage, the XMark Power Cage with Dip Station and Pull-up Bar is designed with heavy duty adjustable pull-pin safety spotters, tricep dip handles, and a split grip chin-up/pull-up bar. Starting at 20″ height, the bar catches and safety spotter adjustment holes are spaced 2-inches apart for maximum user control.

The XMark Power Cage also includes 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel construction, a baked on, scratch-resistant powder coat finish. Sculpt, build and define your body with XMark, the mark of excellence.
2 pairs outside front U-shaped bar catches with pull-pin adjustments
1 pair inside front U-shaped bar catches with pull-pin adjustments
1 pair inside back U-shaped bar catches with pull-pin adjustments
2 safety spotter bars with pull-pin adjustments
Safety spotter adjustment holes 2″ apart
Safety spotters starting at 20″ above ground
Numbered 4-post design
Split pull-up handles for narrow parallel, narrow and wide grip pull-ups
Ergonomically spaced removable tricep dip bars with rubber grips
48″ wide walk-in design
For use with 7′ Olympic weight bar
850 lb load capacity
Baked on scratch resistant powder coat finish
Heavy duty 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ construction
Dimensions: 48.5″ L x 48.5″ W x 83.1″ H

Used Powerline PPR200X Rack-$200.00

Used Powerline PPR200X Rack-$200.00 These retail for $399.00
Workout safely and effectively with the Powerline® PPR200X Power Rack. The wide walk-in design provides plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of exercises including squats, incline, decline, and flat and military presses. Keep your routine safe and effective with 18 positions, two heat-tempered lift offs and two saber style safety rods. All barbells, weights and collars sold separately.

Wide walk-in design
18 adjustment levels
Upright pillars are a full 24″ apart for free motion
41″ wide knurled chinning bar
Heat tempered Lift-Offs and saber-style safety rods keep your workouts simple, safe and effective
All barbells, weights and collars sold separately
Dimensions: 44″ Length x 46″ Width x 82″ Height

Used Hammer Strength Hip & Back-$750.00

Used Hammer Strength Hip & Back-$750.00
This is a Full Commercial plate loaded machine. Very unique hip & back machine excellent machine to strengthen the lower back.

Used Hammer Strength Calf Raise-$750.00

Used Hammer Strength Calf Raise- $750.00
This is a full commercial piece of equipment. The Plate-Loaded Seated Calf Raise is designed to train the soleus muscle motions. It also has an adjustable thigh paid restraint to accommodate various exercisers.

Used Precor S3.21 Home Gym-$1,000.00

Just in on consignment a Very Nice Precor S3.21 Home Gym-$1,000
The used Precor S3.21 Home Gym is a single-station unit offering over 30 different exercises performed off the same weight stack. It helps you reach your resistance training goals through a variety of workouts including squats, rows, triceps presses, abdominal crunches,squats and more. The system is easy to use: simply adjust the counter-balanced press arm into position to start the next exercise.
The outstanding design of the Precor S3.21 allows you to have a club quality workout in the comfort of your own home. It is one of the more comfortable, most versatile home gyms youll find on the market, and one you wont be ashamed to show off to your guests.

• 208lb. Weight Stack • Floor Space: 5’W x 6’L x 6’9″H

Freemotion Single Cable Column-$900.00

Used Freemotion Single Cable Column-$900.00
Great piece for your home gym, training studio or physical therapy office. Adjusts from 14 to 84 inches, has heavy duty Wheels to make it easy to move and comes with two long handles, one short handle and an ankle cuff

TuffStuff Home Gym Rack-$500.00

Just in on consignment. TuffStuff Home gym rack -$500.00
This TuffStuff system is the ultimate home gym and it’s priced to sell. The System comes with:Pec Fly Attachments,High/Low Pulley .
Bench in the picture not included.

Keiser Abdominal Machine -$800.00 FINAL MARKDOWN

Just in on consignment a Keiser  Abdominal Machine -$800.00 FINAL MARKDOWN
Abdominal Machine $1,000- Few machines can duplicate the movement and effectiveness of the innovative AIR250 Abdominal. What sets it apart is its ability to create an intense abdominal workout without involving the hip flexors employed by other abdominal machines on the market. A fully adjustable seat and comfortable chest pads help establish the correct position for the exercise, ensuring that target muscles are activated.
Compressor is Needed for this machine to work.  they sell from Keiser for about $1,000 new.

The Keiser 1021 Air Compressor is designed to work behind the scenes while operating from a remote location away from the exercise area. It has a quiet design and attractive housing, allowing non-conspicuous placement in the exercise area if desired.
Features an in-line dryer that supplies clean, dry air to the equipment for long life and durability.
Powers 1-8 Keiser units.
Technical Information:Keiser Weight Equipment
Dimensions: 26″ L x 15″ W x 16″ H
Weight: 80 lbs
Voltage: 115V 60HZ
The equipment must have a compressor to work.

Used Full Commercial Smith Machine W/Counter Balance-$1,500.00

Just in a very nice Full Commercial Smith Machine W/Counter Balance-$1,500.00 Has new Cable, Bolts and Pulleys
The counterbalanced bar that is designed to help you move smoothly through each repetition with the added challenge of a weight bar. The Counter Balanced Smith Machine is the ultimate freestanding weight rack that is a popular, compact option for home gyms, hotels, fitness studios and schools.