Stairmaster 4600CL Commercial Stepper-$1,200

Used Stairmaster 4600CL Commercial Stepper-$1,200.00
Stairmaster 4600PT/CL stepper can provide highly energetic cardio training, and you do not need to step out of your home. The machine is equipped with quality chain drive powered by an alternator that provides precise control over pedal descent that helps user choose their ideal workout pace. The machine offers six workout programs including CPAT (Custom Firefighter Fitness Test). Users can choose their stepping speed from 26 steps per minute, up to 174 steps. Additionally users can also choose their preferred step height from one inch to 14 inches.
Features at a Glance:
Precision chain drive powered by alternator that is electronically controlled
Level of pedals maintained correctly with four-bar linkage, ensuring biomechanically safe movements
Ergonomic handrails on the side
Maximum 300 lbs capacity of user weight
26 to 174 steps, range of stepping speed per minute
Stepping height from one inch to 14 inches
6 workout programs including speed intervals, calorie burner, heart rate zone, fat burner, manual and quick start
CPAT and multi-stage fitness test
Weight of machine is 155 lbs, which makes it easy to move around
Console with LCD backlit display

Contact sensors in handles for monitoring heart rate and compatibility with Polar telemetry