Kamparts/Gympak Wall Balls – Prices vary by weight

Kamparts/Gympak Wall Balls – Prices Vary by weight

Wall Balls (WB Series)

Overstuffed to maintain shape and softness, these balls can be thrown and caught at high speeds with peace of mind.  All wall balls come in the same diameter of 14”, progress with weight only while practicing various exercises that will help you excel in any sport or competition.  Gympak wall balls are triple stitched and provide a thicker textured shell for a better grip when compared to traditional PVC shells.

Wall balls are not for slamming, please see our slam balls!

$53.00 – 8lb Wall Ball

$55.00 – 10 lb Wall Ball


$58.00 – 12 lb Wall Ball

$60.00 – 14 lb Wall Ball








Wall Ball - 18 LB

$67.00 – 18 lb Wall Ball

Wall Ball - 16 LB

$63.00 – 16 lb Wall Ball


Wall Ball - 25 LB

$75.00 – 25 lb Wall Ball

Wall Ball - 20 LB

$72.00 – 20 lb Wall Ball



Battle/Undulation Ropes – Prices vary on make and size

Battle Ropes – Price Varies

Xtreme Monkey Commerical 30′ Undulation Rope w/ Sleve – $249.00

30′ Undulation Gym Rope with SleeveXtreme Monkey Commercial 30' Undulation Rope with Sleeve

  • NEW : Premium Aluminum handles cover the Vinyl Capped ends for improved grip and durability
  • NEW : Premium Aluminum handles secure the Vinyl Capped ends to prevent excessive wear
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Rope.
  • 30 Feet length, 1.5” thick
  • Total weight 20lbs
  • Red Nylon sleeve prevents fraying



Image result for covered battle ropes

Kamparts/Gympak Battle Rope – 1.5″ Dia – 50 FT long (Covered) – $150.00

The battle rope is one of the most versatile and underrated piece of training equipment available.   They are also perfect for any HIIT (High intensity interval training) regimen, the benefits of afterburn included.  One of the main reasons people prefer to train with battle ropes is that is provides a constant yet challenging low impact exercise.  Working with ropes allows you to avoid the aches and pains on your joints that usually come from high impact exercises.


Image result for covered battle ropesKamparts/Gympak Battle Rope – 1.5″ Dia – 50 FT long  – $125.00

Kamparts/Gympak Battle Rope – 1.5″ Dia – 30 FT long  – $92.00

Kamparts/Gympak Battle Rope – 2″ Dia – 50 FT long  – $150.00






Body-Solid 260 LB Bumper Plate Set – $599.00

Body-Solid 260 LB Bumper Plate Set – $599.00!

Image result for body solid colored bumper plates

2- 10 LB (Green)
2- 15 LB (Black)
2- 25 LB (Yellow)
2- 35 LB (Blue)
2- 45 LB (Red)



Bowflex BodyTower – $299.00 (BRAND NEW)

Bowflex BodyTower for only $299.00! BRAND NEW

This multi-station tower has a unique and easy-to-use feature EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that lets you increase the variety of your exercises, raise the intensity of your workouts, and improve the results of your fitness program. The included hand grips and sling straps provide a greater range of options than most towers, and the wide and commercial-grade steel base keeps you stable and secure. With a tower-mounted workout placard that demonstrates 8 Key Exercises, and a guide featuring 10 more, the Bowflex BodyTower is the perfect home fitness solution.

-EZ-Adjust bar for workout variety and intensity, with flexible and durable cushioning
-18+ exercises — 3x more than most power towers
-Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel tubing with wide base for stability
-Non-absorbent, closed-cell EVA foam cushioned back pad
-Foam-padded, nylon-stitched sling straps
-Non-absorbent, microbial-resistant handgrips
-High strength carabiners and D-ring hardware
-Workout placard with 8 Key Exercises: Squat, chin up, triceps dip, pushup, supine row, raised bridge, vertical knee raise, crunch
-Workout guide includes 10 additional exercises: Assisted leg squat, forward angle calf raise, assisted triceps dip, chest dip, incline push up, pull up, hanging leg raise, rear decline plank, hanging hip-leg raise, assisted inverted row
-Footprint: 50″ x 50″ x 77″
-User weight capacity: 300 LBS

IMG_2732 IMG_2736 IMG_2733 IMG_2734 IMG_2738 IMG_2735

Stairmaster TwistLock Dumbbells 5-50lb $499.00

Stairmaster TwistLock Dumbbells 5-50lb, $499.00  Free Stand w/ cQpon app coupon, $149.00 value!
The new TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells are the most space efficient and easy-to-use option available today – in fact no other adjustable dumbbell weight can be changed as quickly and easily as the TwistLock dumbbell! With a weight range starting at just 5 lbs, this gives users of all fitness levels the opportunity to execute a wide range of exercises in the comfort of their own home without having to purchase the equivalent number of regular dumbbells. No knobs to turn, pins to align, or levers to slide – just twist and go!
 download stairmaster

Tuff Stuff Flat Bench

New Tuff Stuff Flat Bench for only $299!

The Tuff Stuff Flat Bench is designed with commercial grade components and materials for use in light commercial facilities and personal home gyms.

-Designed for heavy dumbbell workout and general bench exercise usage
-Heavy weight construction yet compact and light weight
-Built-in transport wheels for easy roll-away
-Lifetime residential use warranty

IMG_2243 IMG_2246

Tuff Stuff Olympic Plate Tree

New Tuff Stuff Olympic Plate Tree for only $279.00!

The Tuff Stuff Olympic Plate Tree will keep your Olympic plates, curl bars, and power bars off the floor and organized. With six weight posts positioned strategically on the vertical plate rack, you can store 45, 35, 25, 10, 5, and 2.5 lb plates with easy access. Vertical bar holders at the base will store two Olympic sized bars upright. This is the perfect storage solution for fitness studios and other small workout rooms where space is limited, and safety and organization is a priority!

-Six 8-inch weight prongs with urethane sleeves to hold Olympic plates with 2″ holes
-Two vertical Olympic bar holders with 2-inch diameter sleeves
-Olympic plates and olympic bars sold separately
-Lifetime warranty on residential use

IMG_2238 IMG_2240

RB Rolled Rubber Athletic Flooring – Starting at $184.00 a roll.

New RB Rolled Rubber Flooring for only $184.00 a roll!

Double Roll Transp-(4ft x 25ft x 1/4 inch) Rolled Rubber – Natural Color (black with white wall tire flecks) is $184.00 a roll, Plain Black is $208.00 a roll and colors are available for order upon request.

-(4ft x 25ft x 3/8 inch) Rolled Rubber – Natural Color (black with white wall tire flecks) is $298.00 a roll, Plain Black is $320.00 a roll and colors are available for order upon request.

Back in Action also carries largers rolls for bigger jobs.  (4ft x 50ft x what ever size you need)


-RB Athletic mats are made from 100% recycled rubber and made locally in McMinnville, OR.


-RB Athletic Mats require no adhesives or special tools for installation. Simply cut to fit, lay them in place and their weight will keep them there.

-RB Athletic Mats can easily be removed and re-installed again and again.


Passport Media Player with Virtual Active $200.00 & $150.00

Passport Media Player with Virtual Active $200.00.  Horizon-Passport-System

We sell them to you for $150.00 with the purchase of any Passport compatible equipment (Select Horizon and Vision treadmills, bikes, ellipticals).  You can also use it with older equipment for a more visual and pleasing exercise experience but it wont be synced to your equipment, and it will still cost you the full $200.00. 🙂

Passport Media Player with Virtual Active transforms a normal indoor workout into a dynamic outdoor adventure. Featuring stunning HD videos from some of the most beautiful destinations around the world, users choose when and where they want to exercise. Explore the scenic diversity of Northern Italy or follow the River Aar out of the mountains while exercising near the Swiss Alps. With a growing number of guided workout locations available, users are sure to remain motivated, entertained and healthy.

The Passport Media Player is used to deliver this content to users that don’t have Virtual Active integrated into their cardio equipment. Users simply connect the Passport Media Player to their home television, insert the included USB and their cardio equipment connects wirelessly to the Media Player. The same stunning HD footage from places like Piazza San Marco in Venice or the cliffs of the Grand Canyon are displayed on their home television, perfectly synced with the users speed and elevation.

Onnit Steel Maces – Prices vary by Size

193Onnit’s supreme quality Steel Maces are one of the most effective ways to train and condition your whole body while mimicking real world movement. Originally developed by the ancient Persian warrior elite, the Gada (heavy mace) style of training was directly applicable to real world combat and wrestling applications. In modern days the mace quickly gained popularity as a distinct improvement over the well documented sledgehammer / tire training, but the applications go far beyond that important motion.

With an extremely disproportionate weight displacement many normal movements prove quite challenging and beneficial to the myriad stabilizer muscles surrounding our joints and primary power centers. The mace is one of the most effective ways to build core and rotational strength, and is a steel testament to one’s desire to take fitness back to its primal roots.

7lb Steel Mace: $28.00

10lb Steel Mace: $40.00

15lb Steel Mace: $58.00

20lb Steel Mace: $75.00

25lb Steel Mace: $93.00

The steel mace is a very challenging and exciting piece of equipment to master. Many of the exercises are best perfected at a lower weight, so if you are planning to utilize the full gamut of possibilities we recommend starting with a light weight (10lbs or 15lbs) and working up. The great thing about the mace is that if you want to increase the resistance you can simply slide your hand closer to the end of the handle.